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New device enables tongue-controlled mouse cursor

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) advancements have grabbed headlines in recent months but there’s another, far more accessible body part that can help people with physical disabilities navigate computers—the tongue. One MIT graduate’s company is now offering MouthPad, a device described as “a teeth retainer with a bunch of sensors” that allows users to control a computer […]

Neuralink admits patient’s brain implant is partially ‘retracted’

Neuralink quietly published an update earlier this week on the first patient to receive its experimental brain computer interface (BCI), but a troubling detail is buried within the progress report. According to Elon Musk’s company blog post on Wednesday, the implant is partially detached from its user’s brain. The Neuralink N1 is a roughly quarter-sized […]

This cap is a big step towards universal, noninvasive brain-computer interfaces

Multiple brain-computer interface (BCI) devices can allow now users to do everything from control computer cursors, to translate neural activity into words, to convert handwriting into text. While one of the latest BCI examples appears to accomplish very similar tasks, it does so without the need for time-consuming, personalized calibration or high-stakes neurosurgery. As recently […]

This implant will tell a smartphone app when you need to pee

For people dealing with spina bifida, paralysis, and various bladder diseases, determining when to take a bathroom break can be an issue. To help ease the frequent stress, researchers at Northwestern University have designed a sensor array that attaches to the bladder’s exterior wall, enabling it to detect its fullness in real time. Using embedded […]

Neuralink shows first human patient using brain implant to play online chess

The first human patient to reportedly receive Neuralink’s wireless brain-computer interface (BCI) implant appeared to demonstrate the device’s early capabilities during a company livestream to X on Wednesday night. In late January, Elon Musk publicly stated that the experimental medical procedure was completed, but neither he nor his controversial medical startup had offered evidence of […]

Computer modeling is tracing the hidden evolution of sign languages

It’s relatively easy to trace a written linguistic history—there’s generally a lot of written documentation and records to study. Things get trickier, however, when attempting to examine a sign language’s evolution. Most transformations within the currently over 300 known sign languages (or SLs) around the world occurred sans text over generations of learners. Add in […]

College students invented an easy device for cerebral palsy patients to drink on their own

“Are you drinking enough water?” The question is so ubiquitous that it’s become meme canon in recent years. But what may be an annoying reminder to one person is often a logistical challenge for people dealing with mobility issues like cerebral palsy (CP). After learning about the potential physical hurdles involved in staying hydrated, two […]