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85% of Neuralink implant wires are already detached, says patient

An estimated 85-percent of Neuralink’s brain-computer interface (BCI) implant threads connected to the first human patient’s motor cortex are now completely detached and his brain has shifted inside his skull up to three times what the company expected, volunteer Noland Arbaugh told The Wall Street Journal on Monday. Arbaugh also stated Neuralink has since remedied […]

OpenAI dissolved its team dedicated to preventing rogue AI

OpenAI has disbanded its “superalignment team” tasked with staving off the potential existential risks from artificial intelligence less than a year after first announcing its creation. News of the dissolution was first confirmed earlier today by Wired and other outlets, alongside a lengthy thread posted to X by the company’s former superalignment team co-lead, Jan […]

Worryingly bendy humanoid robot can crush nuts, slice Coke bottles

What is going on in the tech industry right now? Less than a day after OpenAI debuted an uncomfortably flirty GPT-4o chatbot update, Unitree unveiled its new, $16,000 G1 Humanoid Agent, a bipedal robot contortionist that apparently specializes in bow staff combat, crushing nuts with its bare claws, and withstanding a barrage of abuse from […]

Washington state deploys $30,000 drone to combat graffiti

Washington state is readying a $1 million anti-vandalism project, part of which involves testing a $30,000 drone that paints over graffiti. Signed into law on March 15 by Gov. Jay Inslee, the “Graffiti Abatement and Reduction Pilot Program” is scheduled to go into effect on June 6, and includes “field testing spray drone technology” along […]

The World Video Game Hall of Fame announces its 2024 inductees

There are a lot of great video games, but only a select few are considered pivotal enough to earn a place within the World Video Game Hall of Fame. Established in 2015 and located within The Strong National Museum of Play, the Hall of Fame highlights titles that meet four major criteria—iconic status, longevity, international […]

Ancestry and the National Archives are digitizing tens of millions of records

The National Archives is partnering with the genealogy company Ancestry to digitize and index tens of millions of US records related to the military, immigration history, and Indigenous communities over the next 5 years. Announced on Thursday, organizers intend to make an initial 65.5 million documents available online within two years, including World War II […]

Welcome aboard the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell superyacht

Superyachts are notoriously dirty luxury toys, with a single billionaire’s boat emitting as much as 7,020 tons of CO2 per year. And while it’s unlikely uber-wealthy shoppers are going to forgo from their statement vessels anytime soon, at the very least there’s now a chance to make superyachts greener. That’s the idea behind the new […]

Ancient mystery code was probably Sargon II’s name

King Sargon II was a big fan of seeing his name around town—at least, that’s what one expert believes after reviewing a series of repeating mystery images that have confounded researchers for well over a century. Ruler of the Neo-Assyrian empire from 721-704 BCE, Sargon II oversaw huge portions of ancient Mesopotamia, and is considered […]