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The world’s oldest wine contains a cremated Roman aristocrat

Although wine dates back to the earliest human societies, actual samples from ancient cultures are rare to find. Thanks to a well-preserved tomb and a little luck, however, a team of archeologists and chemists from Spain’s University of Cordoba recently announced what they believe to be the oldest known wine ever discovered. At over 2,000-years-old, […]

Zero-emission ‘electric cement’ is an ‘absolute miracle’

Researchers may have cracked the code on crafting practically zero-emission “reactivated cement” by recycling it with its partner-in-pollution, steel. The University of Cambridge team detailed their process in a study published on Wednesday in Nature—an “absolute miracle,” according to first author and professor of engineering and the environment, Julian Allwood. One of the most sustainable […]

Jellyfish-inspired glowing dye can glom onto fingerprints at crime scenes

Imagine a crime scene. Chances are, you’re also imagining someone dusting for fingerprints. Despite recent debates of whether fingerprint evidence is accurate and reliable, it can still prove extremely useful in certain situations, such as narrowing down potential suspect lists. Unfortunately, this technique often employs toxic powders, including environmentally harmful petrochemicals that can damage DNA […]