SURE Construction 08: Floodproofing

completed installation of a flood proof wall
The first step of the flood proof layer installation around the house showing the designed Base Flood Elevation level.

— We are excited to have started building the SURE HOUSE in a parking lot on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken New Jersey. “SURE Construction” is a subset of our PopSci blog that we’ll use to chronicle our construction process. Check back often if you want to follow our progress and get a first hand view of how a sustainable and resilient house takes shape.

men standing around the Zip system exterior walls
zip system tape at the panel seams
builder taking measurements
flood proof sheathing when mounted
prepping flood proof sheathing
builder sealing flood proof sheathing at seams and edges
a person applying sealant along seams and and edges.
sealing flood proof sheathing around each individual fastener
blocking detail of a flood proof wall system
person applying sealant to a blocking detail
worker sealing all blocking details
person pressing in a pressure activated tape to seams and edges
people applying pressure activated tape
exterior insulation over a flood proof wall
exterior insulation fit over flood proof sheathing and blocks
prep of the exterior insulation over sheathing
vertical and horizontal battens over the insulation system