For the final episode of Engineering Big Ideas presented by Mouser, electrical engineer and television host Grant Imahara heads to Silicon Valley, a well-known hub for innovation, to learn about the manufacturing process and answer key questions about knowing when a concept is ready for the world.

He meets with the team at VSE, a contract manufacturer (CM) specializing in high-quality, low-volume builds. President and owner Beth Kendrick explains how her team works with a full range of innovators—from at-home inventors to multibillion-dollar companies—to bring new products to market.

Choosing the right manufacturing partner can be tricky when you’re a first-time innovator. Breaking down the decision-making process, Imahara points out what advantages to look for, such as working with a local CM where innovators can see every iteration of their product. This final leg not only satisfies the thrill of seeing an idea brought to life, but also serves as the beginning of a successful journey in the tech marketplace.

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