Creating an environment that feels warm and cozy helps you feel calm and content at home, and the effect is easier and cheaper to achieve than social media posts may lead you to believe. Home improvements can be simple, affordable, and very effective; warm lighting is one of the best and easiest ways to accomplish this. Take, for example, little glowing string lights to line your window frame. You deserve some twinkle in your life. And yes, you absolutely can deploy them without making your home look like a dorm room.

Flexible wire: LED Fairy String Lights


Stiff enough to climb up your bed post or act like fireflies in a jar. Amazon

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This is a classic, well-loved option that has a very delicate look. If you like the idea of string lighting but don’t want it to be overpowering, these lights are an excellent choice. The wire is flexible and can be bent to wrap around almost anything, but it’s strong enough that you don’t have to worry about it snapping. Since they’re battery-operated, you don’t need to put them close to an outlet, and they come in a variety of colors (everything from warm white to purple). Run them along a window frame or a banister, or wind them up your bed posts.

Rainbow of colors: Hanging Window Curtain Lights


A big effect that’s easily installed. Amazon

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You may not have known you needed a curtain of lights until now. This sheet of glimmering strands can be hung in your window or behind your bed. It comes with a remote control, so there’s no need to get out of bed to turn off the lights. There are also a number of brightness settings to suit your mood. These also come in a few different colors.

Great for any room: Onforu 16.4ft LED Strip Light


For a deliberate, professional look. Amazon

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Strip lighting is an extremely versatile option because you can install it almost anywhere and it looks elegant. The uniformity of the light placement along the strip makes it a great option for lighting behind a mirror or along a shelf. A lighting strip is also great for backlighting your TV, which is about the best upgrade you can give your fancy new screen. The installation process is easy thanks to the self-adhesive tape along the back of the strip, and there’s an easy on/off switch that also has a dimming option. They can be extremely bright when turned all the way up, but they won’t ever get too hot because the working voltage is 12V. Consider these when you’re looking for a more modern interpretation of a traditional string light.

Use indoors or outdoors: AMARS LED Globe String Lights


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Globe lights are slightly larger and more spaced out than all of the other options we’ve suggested, which is exactly why they’re great. If you want to want to be able to see each individual light bulb, these are a nice size (0.75 inches per globe, 4 inches apart). They are battery operated and have 10 brightness levels, and don’t worry if you forget to turn the lights off. These lights also have a great timer function that will automatically shut them off after a chosen number of hours. If you’re looking for cozy, hipster vibes, these are a great option.