Snorkeling or scuba diving should be all about taking in beautiful aquatic views, and not about water accidentally shooting into your nose, mouth, or eyes. Diving masks shield your face as you explore the depths of the ocean, allowing you to soak in all the sights through protective lenses.

Whether you’re a first-time diver or an experienced pro, these masks will keep you safe during your next underwater experience.

Best value: Keystand Scuba Mask and Snorkel Set

See What You Want To

Crystal-clear vision. Amazon

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You don’t have to worry about blurry, disrupted vision, thanks to Keystand’s anti-fog design. Take in panoramic views of the ocean through these durable glass lenses, which have a frameless build for optimal field-of-vision and leakage prevention. There’s also an optional snorkel included, featuring an anti-splash top so you can breathe easily.

Budget pick: Copozz Scuba Mask

Adjustable Headband

Comes with shatter-resistant lenses. Amazon

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You’ll get a stunning, 180 degree underwater view with this soft silicon mask. Easily adjust the straps for a comfy fit and enjoy the benefits of shatter-resistant, scratch-resistant double lenses as you dive deeper and explore. The double seal design prevents leakage and scuba divers can use the mask for down to 30 meters of water.

Supreme upgrade: IST ProEar Scuba Diving Mask with Watertight Ear Covers

Prevents Rashes

Protect water from leaking in. Amazon

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The IST ProEar Dive Mask is the full monty of dive masks. Your ears will be protected by both comfortable silicon covers and equalization tubes, which maintains air pressure with each exhale. There’s a roomy portion for your nose and a tempered glass design to prevent damage.

Improve your vision: Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask

Tempered Glass Lenses

Get a panoramic view of the ocean. Amazon

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Enjoy sweeping, wide-angle views thanks to this dual front and side window design. Made from hypoallergenic silicon, the Cressi Panoramic Mask features tough, tempered glass lenses and a thick skirt to keep out water. Quickly adjust the length of the straps with an easy-to-use buckle.