Nothing makes a camping trip or a night out in the backyard more enjoyable than a meal and conversation enjoyed around a fire. Fire-gazing was even once a form of flame-based reverie, in which one stared into the amorphous nature of jumping flames and saw arbitrary images. Get yourself a fire pit, give yourself a break from staring at screens, and enjoy the company of others.

Here are four fire pit options for a variety of lifestyles and budgets:

Easily store: Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit | Portable and Lightweight

For Perfect Burns

Option for those who don’t want to commit. Amazon

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This pop-up fire pit weighs only eight pounds but opens up to an impressive size. Made out of stainless mesh steel, this fire pit only takes a minute (literally) to set up and cools fairly quickly, too. It’s perfect to set up a fire anywhere—on the beach, in your yard, or (if allowed) for your next tailgating party. Compared to traditional fire pits, this design also allows for 80 percent less smoke so you can fire gaze with clear eyes.

The best: Solo Stove Bonfire

Low Smoke

A rounded option that requires no setup or assembly. Amazon

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While this firepit model is on the pricier side, it has a sleek stainless steel design and is well-constructed. It’s double-wall design also maximizes while minimizing airflow without any batteries or fans. If you want to take it on adventures, it is portable as well—though slightly heavier at 20 pounds.

Two pieces: Outdoor Patio Rustic Farmhouse Wood Finish Propane Fire Pit Table

An Elegant Choice

Handles make it easier to move around. Amazon

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Upgrade your backyard with this classic, farmhouse slab-style fire pit. It features a side table so you can enjoy your dinner or play some card games, and is big so you can invite more than a few friends over for a night by the fire. No fire-making skills or firestarters needed: to start, just turn the knob that’ll magically create flames in the lava rocks.