Many of us have brought home a new furry friend over the last few months. Some of us have had time to pamper and train our new pals and some of us haven’t. Regardless, odds are that your canine isn’t used to being home alone. But it is inevitable that the new pup will not be able to come with you everywhere. It’s probably time to start considering how you’ll keep your pooch out of the trash or from chasing the cat, or from eating a hole through your mattress. (If you’re a lab owner you probably feel this.) Dog crates offer a safe, comfortable home for your doggo when you are out and about. Here are some of the sturdiest, most versatile and convenient crates currently on the market.

Best overall: Life Stages LS-1642 Single Door Folding Crate

Multiple Sizes Available

Room for growth. Amazon

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This Life Stages crate is for larger breeds, but an included panel means that you can adjust its size so that your growing puppy feels safe and secure. Features include a single door, a slide-bolt latch, and rollers to protect your floor. One of its most attractive qualities is easy setup, which allows you to flatten the crate with a simple motion and set it up quickly again when you need it.

For medium-sized: Carlson Pet Products Secure and Foldable Single Door Metal Dog Crate

Removable Washpan

Mid-size manor. Amazon

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A steel frame and easy-fold setup make for a very convenient home away from home (or inside your home) for smaller breeds like border collies, beagles, and terriers. A removable and washable base allows easy cleanup from any accidents your nervous little friend might have.

For puppies: Life Stages LS-1630DD Double Door Folding Crate

Don’t Go Too Small

Cute containment center. Amazon

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This Life Stages crate features the same materials and features as our overall choice but offers two doors. While two doors can lead to some confusion and angst for older dogs, we find younger dogs like to explore areas they can easily roam through. Leaving both doors open can get your pup accustomed to the crate before they fully move in. The adjustable divider panel will help your pup feel comfortable in the crate as they grow. And boy, do they grow quickly.

Best portable option: EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

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A ventilated but durable mesh fabric covers a steel tube frame that allows you to transport your pooch in comfort and style. Two built-in pockets allow you to always have your little friend’s toys and treats along for the ride. Also included are a washable cover and fleece bed, as well as a convenient carrying bag.