If you’ve been working off multiple screens and the visible disorganization of your cords and devices is bringing you stress, fear not. A dock or hub creates a centralized space for you to connect to your internet, sync up various monitors or displays and charge your devices. Some products offer additional perks including 4K, HDMI compatibility, and high-speed charging. Below are some of the best to match whatever devices you’re using to get work done or play on your computer.

Fast Data Processing

This item is compatible with multiple laptops and tablets by the same company. It’s speedy, works with Ethernet, and comes with the option to add various accessories. Amazon

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Look for a dock that’s compatible with the type of projects you’re working on and cables you use. If you’re frequently connected to multiple monitors or use an HDMI cable for various tasks, make sure the dock or hub you’re looking for offers the right ports.

Range Of Compatibility

This device can accommodate memory cards and commonly used cords. It works with both Apple and Microsoft systems. Amazon

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If image quality is important to you for professional or personal reasons, look out for features such as 4K to deliver an exceptionally crisp and refined visual experience. Similarly, if you regularly take photos or videos, keep an eye out for hubs with card reader slots compatible with your preferred memory card.

High-Speed Charging

With this item’s six USB ports, you can count on having a port for all your devices. It can also mount other devices including your laptop, offering a bonus display. Amazon

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If wired audio is important to you, be sure to look for a device with the appropriate jack setup. Some models don’t include or have phased out that element—if that’s the case, you’ll need to look for another model or one that supports Bluetooth connectivity.