The best boating tubes

Have even more fun in the water.

kids being pulled by boat on tube
The most fun you can have on a lake.Jesse Orrico via Unsplash

What better way to spice up your waterfront vacation than with a bright boating tube? They are always a great, safe way to add some spice to your boating adventure. A towable tube will guarantee a wild ride for any seafarer, young and old. If you are ready to commit to tubular fun, you should know it’s important to find the right water toy to fit your needs; you need a tube that will support the correct number of riders with the right amount of durability, comfort, and safety features. Here are some good options to get you started.

SportStuff Super Mable
Those waves better watch out.Amazon

The Super Mable is a great way to lounge on the lake. It can fit up to three riders and hold an estimated 510 pounds. It measures an almost even 78 by 79 inches for extreme space and comfort. This tube comes with two tow points, which means you can sit back and relax as your boat pulls from your feet or go for a more adventurous ride by lying on your belly and holding onto the chariot. This tube is equipped with three EVA foam seating pads, neoprene handles, and a “kwik-connect” system for an easy hook-up. If you don’t feel the need for speed, the Super Mable makes a great pool or off-shore float.

Sportstuff Poparazzi
Be the captain of this ship.Amazon

There are very few water toys as exciting as the Poparazzi from Airhead. It can support up to three riders and features a “kwik-connect” hook-up system for an easy connection to you towline, a heavy-duty nylon cover, and a speed safety valve for easy inflation. This unique design means you can ride the waves in almost any position: lie flat on your belly, sit on your bottom, take a risk and kneel, or be your bravest self and stand up while holding tight to the arch. There are more than enough built-in handles covering this vessel to keep you safe and sturdy while exploring the seas.

WOW World of Watersports Macho Towable Tube
The rest of the lake will be saying, “OMG.”Amazon

WOW is right because the Word of Watersports has created a great two-person tube that’s going to get your heart racing. This tube measures 74 by 62 inches and can hold up to 340 pounds at one time. It has eight reinforced foam handles, a zippered valve cover, and a reinforced tow point for a safe and secure ride. The most impressive feature, however, is the embedded cockpit seating which means you can sit or kneel with a greatly reduced risk of being bounced out by a rogue wave. Despite this added security, you can still try your luck lying down on your stomach and holding on tightly to the handles at the top of the tube—if you dare.

Water Olympics here they come.Amazon

If your little one wants to get out on the water, but they aren’t quite ready to take on the waterskis, this towable tube is a super fun option. It has a 70-pound weight limit, so it’s off-limits for mom and dad but great for younger children. It is easily inflated and features integrated wooden ski trainers and bindings to get your future back-flipper on their way. Kids can stand or sit depending on their comfort level. It’s designed for you to drive at speeds up to 10 miles per hour on the water and measures 46 by 34 by 13 inches. Airhead also makes a training tube that can handle up to 120 pounds, so check that one out if some of the older kids start getting jealous.