The best stovetop kettles

A few modern takes on one of the oldest cooking tools.

old kettle
It's getting hot in here.Kowit Phothisan via

Ever since Mesopotamian times, people have been using kettles of bronze to heat up water, with spouts for an easy pour. Today, there are many electric kettles available, but there’s nothing like an old-fashioned stovetop kettle to boil some water for your tea or coffee. Here are our top picks:

Mixpresso Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee Kettle
For java that’ll give you goosebumps.Amazon

Simple, elegant, lightweight and functional, this gooseneck kettle is a key tool for making the perfect pour-over coffee. It’s made out of a high quality stainless steel, has a unique triple-layer base suited for all stove-tops and is rust resistant. There’s also something soothing about having precise control pouring water over your fresh coffee grounds.

Tea Kettle Best 3 Quart induction Modern Stainless Steel Surgical Whistling Teapot
Pick your color.Amazon

This sturdy and cute kettle is the perfect accessory, especially for retro kitchens. Available in bright and cheery yellow, light yellow, or back, this three-liter stainless steel stovetop kettle features a classic style.

Secura Tea Kettle
A traditional design. Amazon

Made out of stainless steel, this tea kettle has a 2.2-liter capacity and a large opening, which makes it easy to fill up and clean. It whistles loudly when the water is boiling, and can be used on gas, electric, glass ceramic, induction, and halogen stovetops. The handle features a silicone wrap and is ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and grip. It’s also backed by a two-year warranty.