Best shoe inserts for your uncomfortable kicks

Save your soles with these arch angels.

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Poor foot support can throw your entire body out of alignment—your calves, your knees, your hips, and your overall posture. Soothe your soles with these shoe inserts, for every type of foot and shoe situation. Here’s what to consider before you buy.

  • Insole type: While you might be able to find soft and cushy insoles at your nearby drug store, supportive insoles are made with firmer materials that offer better structure and stability. These supportive or sport insoles can improve misalignment in the body, pain from plantar fasciitis, and supination, which occurs when the feet roll out while walking.
  • Volume: The insole you pick also depends on your unique foot shape—which determines what volume (or space inside the shoe) is best for you. Generally, the higher your arch, the greater the volume of insole you should select. Also consider that larger shoes should be paired with larger-volume insoles. So your hiking boots would wear best with a higher design sole. In-line boots, meanwhile, go well with a low-volume pick.
  • Footwear fit: If you frequently find that your shoes don’t fit well, insoles can help. For heel slippage, find a supportive mid-volume insole to stabilize your foot. To correct low or collapsed arches, opt for a foot support insole that ensures the arch and heel are stabilized.

Our Picks for the Best Shoe Inserts on Amazon

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