The best rice cookers

Delicious rice whenever you want it.

All you actually need to make rice on the stove is a pot, a lid, and some water. But that isn’t exactly as simple as it sounds. Ensuring your rice is ready at the same time as the rest of your meal can be tricky, plus rice can be stubbornly sticky and hard to clean, and walking away from food simmering on a stove can be a safety hazard. The best rice cookers address all of these concerns and offer features you didn’t even know you needed—until you feel like you can’t live without them. These four appliances take a classic grain to new heights.

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If you want a rice cooker that goes way beyond the cheapest models but doesn’t require a huge investment, consider this stylish red-accented option. The aluminum non-stick inner pan holds up to six cups of uncooked rice, and has 8 built-in programs to help cook gaba (germinated) rice, porridge, and even baby food. People who love to customize each dish can control their preferences even further using “My Mode” to choose how soft or glutinous they want their rice to turn out. The self-cleaning auto steam feature is a nice bonus.

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If you’re the type of cook who uses all the functions on every appliance, this rice cooker makes up to 5.5 cups of rice, steams sides, and even bakes bread. Rice cookers like this one are considerably more expensive because they use induction heating to deliver perfect rice more quickly than traditional electric cookers. It also comes with a special tray which can be placed over your rice to heat other dishes like steamed veggies simultaneously, and save you a pot.

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If you’re as passionate about cooking rice as a maker of fine wines is about methods and equipment, this premium rice cooker is a dream invention. It uses induction heating and pressurization to gelatinize rice to your taste and employs AI “fuzzy logic” technology to make adjustments within the cooking cycle. The machine holds up to 10 cups of uncooked rice and allows you to select from three different consistencies for white rice alone—with a myriad of settings for other dishes including jasmine rice, gaba, and congee. The exterior includes stainless steel, and any materials that come into contact with food are BPA-free.

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If you want tasty rice with as few steps as possible, this electric rice cooker does more or less one thing, and does it with excellence. Add your rice and water to the removable nonstick pan, turn the machine on, and go about your business while heaters on the bottom, side, and lid of the machine evenly and consistently cook your rice. When it’s ready, the machine will automatically switch to warm mode, so you can finish preparing the rest of your meal. Choose between models with a capacity for up to 5.5 or 10 cups of uncooked rice, available in either basic grey and black or white with an attractive flower design.