Outdoor boots are an essential part of any man’s shoe collection. Whether you face gnarly winters or go hiking routinely, you’ll need the right support and protection for your ankles and feet. And while fashion-over-comfort won’t get you too far in the realm of outdoor boots, who’s to say you can’t have at least a little bit of personal style?

The best men’s outdoor boots are lightweight, well-designed, and classy enough to be worn both in and out of the mud. Below, a few of our favorites.

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot

Heavily insulated lining. Amazon

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This boot’s 7-inch-high shaft provides stellar ankle support, and the 200G insulation in the lining protects your toes from freezing temperatures. The rubber sole is also lightweight, so all this support doesn’t slow you down. This is a serious-looking boot that will see you through the worst of winters.

Lacrosse Aero Timber Top 10-Inch Duck Boot

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This modern take on the duck boot known as the Lacrosse gives you the best of both worlds with comfortable, classy suede around the ankle and a protective polyurethane shell below. The entire shoe is waterproof and extremely durable while remaining lightweight and fashionable. This boot is also easy to slip on and off. Wear it in the rain and wear it in the cold, as the polyurethane is great in low temperatures.

Danner Men’s Arctic 600 Side-Zip 7-Inch

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This attractive men’s lace-up boot is fully waterproof and made primarily of suede, with 200G insulation. The shank of the boot is nylon, giving it structure and support for challenging hikes. The outer Vibram sole is grippy and great on wet surfaces. Regardless of the terrain, your feet will stay extra comfortable due to the OrthoLite pads on the insoles. This strong stylish boot would feel equally appropriate on a trek, at the office, or at a holiday party.

Vasque Men’s Coldspark UltraDry Waterproof Hiking Boot

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These waterproof Coldspark UltraDry boots from Vasque are great for any season, but built to keep you warm and safe on slicker surfaces. They provide all the support you’ll need, whether you’re hiking up a mountain or trekking around the city. The boots are made of a breathable TPU Yarn Mesh and treated leather. Vasque uses their Retain insulation—an aluminized reflective material bonded to the lining—to reflect heat while keeping the shoe super-breathable. Their UltraDry membrane also keeps your feet from getting wet. You’ll stay warm without getting sweaty or soggy feet. The boots weigh only two pounds, so they feel more like sneakers. To protect you from slipping, the soles on the bottom have a multi-directional tread for particularly wet or icy surfaces.