With a countertop ice maker, you can enjoy the happy little clink of frozen cubes of water in a glass whenever you want them. These convenient machines save you a trip to the store and quickly make more ice than your fridge. Choose from models that produce ice cubes, chewable nugget ice, or shaved ice for desserts. Here are our favorites.

A barbecue must-have. Amazon

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Watch through the window of this ice maker (available in deep red, copper, silver, and black) as it forms small or large ice cubes for every kind of beverage. Add water to the 2.2 liter reservoir, choose your settings on the digital control panel, and yield up to 26 pounds of ice a day. This model is fast and quiet and can deliver ice in as little as seven minutes. The next time you throw a backyard barbecue, say goodbye to lukewarm beer bobbing in a tub of water, and keep drinks refreshingly cool.

It’s time to take back the word frozen. Amazon

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If members of your household are always running into the kitchen for ice-cold sodas, water, or scotch on the rocks, the power of this ice maker to make up to 33 pounds over 24 hours will surely outlast the latest cartoon pop song. This ice maker stores up to two pounds of ice in the inner basket and the control panel lights indicate when the basket is full or if you need to add more water. If your campsite has electricity, take this ice maker on the road to enjoy iced tea or coffee wherever you are.

Chomp away. Amazon

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Ice can be molded into any shape you wish if you have the right equipment. This nugget ice maker satisfies the craving for a very specific type of soft and chewable ice some people refer to as “Sonic ice” after the drive-in restaurant chain. You’ll invest a little more money and have to wait a little longer than the average ice maker—about 20 minutes—but it delivers the consistency you crave. Generate up to 24 pounds of ice a day in 3-pound increments, which is plenty for an ice appetizer or an ice meal. This model is even equipped with Bluetooth so you can start it up from the living while you’re glued to the game on screen.

Just add syrup. Amazon

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Slushies, sno-cones, and piña coladas can make any party more fun. Turn your kitchen into a carnival midway with this attractive machine which makes enough shaved ice for 4-5 snow cones in under a minute. Add ice cubes, turn the machine on, and complete your creation with a flavored syrup, juice, or cocktail.