When the weather turns and the wind picks up, our bodies’ extremities are the first to feel the chill. Blood gets redirected to the center of the body to keep vital organs warm, and fingers and toes can quickly experience diminished feeling and loss of mobility. Everyone should have a reliable pair of gloves on standby to ensure comfort and preservation of dexterity at home or while traveling. From work gloves to fashionable gloves and everywhere in between, there’s a perfect fit out there for every kind of outdoor venturer.

Here are some of the best gloves for keeping fingers warm and toasty.

This pair sticks together for storage thanks to a locking clip. Amazon

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These gloves from The North Face offer all-season protection in a low-profile and compact cut, making them great for everyday use and for folks who frequently walk outside or go on hikes. They feature extra silicone reinforcement on the palms for easier gripping of phones and water bottles, and the thumb and index fingers are constructed with Etip materials to allow use of phones and other touch screen devices. Choose from a range of eight colors to match every personal taste.

Touch screen compatible and secured with a double elastic wristband. Amazon

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Fashion-forward folks will appreciate the soft suede finish of these deerskin gloves from Skydeer. Perfect for mild to moderate outdoor activities including biking, these gloves are designed with moisture-wicking compounds on the inside to ensure that sweat stays away from the surface of your palms. They’re available in blue, black, and brown, and offer 100-gram 3M Thinsulate insulation finished with a soft jersey lining.

Reinforced palm and fleece cuff for durability and comfort. Amazon

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Wet and icy weather calls for gloves that can stand up to extremes, and these insulated gloves from Carhartt can take all kinds of inclement weather in stride. They’re constructed from polyester with a rugged polytex shell on the outside and moisture-wicking lining on the inside to keep hands warm and dry. A removable waterproof insert is also included that’ll prove essential when handling snow or trudging through wet environments.

Classic style. Amazon

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This lightweight pair of wool gloves is great for stowing in a bag or glove compartment for use in situations where moderate hand insulation is needed without the expense of adding bulk or lowering dexterity. Their stylish, woven oatmeal finish covers a 40-gram 3M Thinsulate lining, and the palms are dotted with silicone reinforcement for enhanced grip. A ribbed cuff keeps them securely fastened to your wrist for warmth while still allowing for quick removal when called for.

All-weather hand safety for the active person in your life. Amazon

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These leather motorcycle-style gloves are a stylish and rugged option that feature high-density rubber reinforcement and a pre-molded shape that’s engineered with comfort in mind and designed to feel and look broken in. Unlike any pair of vintage motorcycle gloves, the tips of the thumb, index, and middle fingers of this pair are lined with touch screen-compatible tips to ensure sustained warmth while staying connected on the go without sacrificing esthetics.