Moving out? Tape measures to help set up your new space

A necessity for home improvements, DIY projects, and getting that couch you got on Craigslist into the living room.

Need to measure the layout of a new apartment to figure out the possible orientations for your sectional sofa? Want to perfect your table saw set up? Whatever project you’re starting, you’ll need a precise, durable tape measure that stands up to the job. These measurers have the bells and whistles—like auto locking features, self-adhesive abilities, and skills to make pencil marks for you—to help you tackle the task.

Budget-friendly: Komelon Speed Mark Measuring Tape

Very Accurate

Hyper precise, fractional measurements on a sturdy, easy-to-view blade. Amazon

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This tape measure is great if you need precision in your tape measure markers (down to ⅛ fractions). Its white, non-glare blade is coated with nylon for durability and extends with a protected end hook. It comes in 16-foot or a 25-foot lengths.

Self-adhesive: Starrett Measure Stix

Durable Materials

Easy to trim to your needed length with scissors. Amazon

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For setting up your workshop space, this self-adhesive measuring stick is the way to go. Stick it on your drafting table or saw table. The tape measures 12 feet long—but feel free to snip it down to the right size for your workstation. The tape has both Imperial and Metric measurements along the top and bottom, with 0.065-inch intervals.

Draws lines and circles: Quickdraw DIY Self Marking Tape Measure

Heavy Duty Break-Lock

Insert graphite into the slot to notate exact lengths while using this product. Amazon

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If you’re always looking for your pencil while working on a project, consider a tape measure with its own self-marking graphite. It comes with the usual attributes too: tough nylon coating, a great snappy recoil, and 25 feet of measuring tape with markers in inches and centimeters.