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The best kids’ desks will bring order into your home, plain and simple. You know how un-fun it is to help your kids pack their book bags when their homework is scattered across every room in the house? Or have you noticed how unmotivated you are to pull out and set up an art project for your kids when all the supplies are buried in the back of the hall closet? Whether for homework, crafting, art projects or computer work, having a designated space where kids can work builds healthy routines, fosters independence, and encourages creativity.

Furniture for kids can be confusing, with the need to purchase the right size for your ever-growing child. We are going to help explain and suggest some great options to create a productive workspace for your kids whether it’s for toddler crafts, or for slightly older kids’ homework and studying. The best kids’ desks will provide the right amount of space for their projects, offer storage to help keep your child organized, and be stylish, sturdy, and durable.

Features to consider when shopping for the best kids’ desk

Finding the best kids’ desk is an important decision, as this may be furniture your kids use every day. We’ve done the research and here are some tips and reviews to help you choose the best kid’s desk.

Looking for a desk for kids, but also a chair?

The best kids’ desk and chair combination sets will be well made, sized appropriately, and priced well. Often when you are looking to set up your child’s workspace, buying a desk and chair combination set is a smart idea because you can rest assured that the two pieces will be sized exactly to work together. Also, aesthetically, the two pieces will blend seamlessly with your kid’s bedroom furniture or your den. Another bonus is that manufacturers will offer multiple-piece sets for less cost than if you were to try and buy the items separately.

Features to look for in the best kids’ desk and chair sets are solid wood construction, a warranty against defects in construction, as well as certification that the materials used are safe and non-toxic. Look for a kids’ desk with storage, including drawers, bins, or shelves to help keep your kid’s workspace orderly. Finally, consider safety—especially if you’re buying for younger kids. You want to be sure there aren’t any sharp edges or dangerous parts.

Best kids’ desk and chair set: Guidecraft Children’s Media Desk and Chair Set



This is a great choice for elementary-aged students, as it can be used as a laptop workstation, and comes with a desk, chair, and hutch. The corkboard panel on the back of the hutch allows for pinning mementos and important papers. All storage is open concept, easy for locating, but doesn’t hide messy supplies.

Want an adjustable desk for kids as they grow?

What can you do? Kids grow like weeds. Every parent painfully knows the snow pants you buy this year won’t fit next year. When it comes to bigger purchases like furniture, you have to consider that they will outgrow this as well. A smart solution for this problem is to consider a kids’ adjustable desk.

A kids’ study table or desk is considered the right size when they can sit in a chair with their feet on the floor and their elbows resting comfortably on the tabletop. Guidelines for proper height change as your child grows, so being able to lift the table height higher can get many more years out of the table or desk. Alternately it can also mean different aged children, and even adults can use the same desk and just simply adjust the height according to their need. Flexibility gets more miles out of your furniture purchase.

Best kids’ adjustable desk: ApexDesk ALSD2128-BL Little Soleil



This utilitarian desk is a good choice for rapidly growing students. The table legs are adjustable with a hand crank, so it can grow along with the child. Rounded corners keep kids safe, and the tabletop has a scratch-resistant coating.

Do you need a larger kids’ table and chairs for crafting projects?

Sure, you can turn your dining table into a multi-child crafting station, but do you really want to? You know full well that you are just a few rushed projects away from trashing the table so badly that you can only use it “formally” with a tablecloth. Save yourself the headache and consider a kids’ art desk that is designed specifically for crafts projects and activities that benefit from a larger workspace.

The best kids’ craft tables will offer a large surface area and be constructed out of solid, durable materials with a scratch-proof finish. Additionally, crafting tables should offer storage solutions for art supplies. The design should take children’s height into consideration, as well as safety features like rounded corners to prevent any unnecessary accidents.


Best kids’ art desk: Martha Stewart Living and Learning Kids’ Art Table and Stool Set



This kid’s art desk is a functional and stylish art station, with enough space and seating for two children (the manufacturer recommends the table is used for ages 4 and up). The addition of organized storage for bins, paper rolls, and cups will make keeping supplies orderly. With a table height of 24 inches, this should work (depending on height of child) from ages 4 to 9 or 10 years old.

Are your kids always moving around the house?

While we are advocates of a designated desk area for your kids, the truth is sometimes kids want to move around the house to finish their homework. Maybe they’ll sit at their desk for a while, then start to migrate to the floor, the couch, the bed, or even outside in the yard. Hey, at least they’re doing their work, right?

For mobile little workers, a great solution is a lap desk for kids. The best lap desks for kids will offer a sturdy surface for both laptop work and writing, reading, and drawing. They will be lightweight, easily stored and reasonably priced. You can find a variety of styles depending on where and how your kids work best. A simple cushioned pillow with an attached flat work surface is a good choice for kids who work mostly with a laptop on the couch. If your child needs a lap desk that allows for more varied work, a small table-style lap model would be a good choice. Some even offer side bins for books and pencil storage. The best lap desk for kids will have legs that are foldable for easy storage in a closet or under a bed.

Best lap desk for kids: Loddie Doddie Foldable Lap Desk with Storage Pocket



This durable, candy-colored plastic lap desk for kids is a great solution for moving around the house. The legs tuck away when not in use to make storage easier. The desktop lifts up to offer a convenient storage pouch for books, paper, and supplies. Scaled for children and teens, this desk weighs only about 2 pounds—and is reasonably priced.

Looking for a desk for your preschooler?

Toddlers and preschoolers grow ridiculously fast, but they also require the right-sized chairs and tables for their work. Outsized tables and chairs can be frustrating and even dangerous for the smaller members of your family. Proper seat height should allow children to have their feet flat on the floor for safety and stability, and that just isn’t going to happen on any full-sized furniture in your home.

Adding toddler-sized furniture provides a safe, comfortable setting to encourage your children to engage in more drawing, painting, and writing. Developing these fine motor skills is critical for entry into elementary schools. The best toddler desks will offer a desk and chair combination, ensuring the scale is appropriate and works together. Adding storage for books and crayons is another important and useful feature to look for. Sturdy designs will reduce tipping hazards, as well as rounded corners and easy-to-wipe, anti-scratch surfaces.

Best toddler desk: Delta Children MySize Chair Desk with Storage Bin



This durable, non-toxic, scratch-proof engineered wood chair is a practical choice for your toddler’s reading, coloring, and writing activities. Under the seat, a fabric bin can be used to store books and supplies, and on the tabletop, there is a removable cup for crayons or markers. This is a great space-saving solution for preschool-aged kids.

Best kids desk on a budget: What you can get for under $50

If you are looking for the best kids’ desk on a budget, you will most often find simple table-style desks or portable lap desks in the under $50 range. When cutting costs, you will typically not find a desk and chair combination set, and you might notice a lack of drawers and storage attachments. You can find some budget toddler tables and chair sets made out of durable plastics.

For under $50, you can get a smaller scale table that is stylish and functional. You can add your own seating and storage as well. Be careful to consider the reviews and materials used in budget furniture. Steer clear of particle board, which will not support weight and can sag or fall apart quickly.

Best budget kids desk: Computer Desk 40 inch Kids Writing Desk



This is a stylish smaller scale desk made of durable materials and suitable for holding computers, or just as a streamlined workspace. At less than 20 pounds, this option light enough to move around as needed. The height of the table is 29.1 inches (on par with adult desks), so this would be a better choice for older children. For more flexibility, you could pair this desk with an adjustable height chair.


Q: How do I choose a kids’ desk?

The first thing to consider is use. If the child is smaller and plans on doing a lot of crafting projects, a larger surface table-style desk might be worth considering, as the added space will be useful for spreading out supplies and art. For older school-aged children, it’s worth considering a more traditional desk with storage drawers. Room for their laptop, notebooks, and drawing supplies is important.

Q: What makes a great kids’ desk?

A great kids’ desk will be sized right for the child and the room; it will be sturdy; constructed out of non-toxic materials, and be easy to clean. Consider drawers or additional storage for basic supplies. An option with adjustable height is a way to have the desk last for more years as your child grows taller.

Q: How tall should a kids’ desk be?

a chair that allows for their feet to be placed on the floor with the knees bent 90 degrees. For example, a preschool child might consider a table that is 18 inches high, while an older elementary-aged student should consider one 25 inches in height. If measuring yourself, have your child sit in their chair, and add at least 7 to 8 inches above the chair to allow for the child’s legs. The child’s elbows should rest comfortably on the table while seated. Manufacturers should assist with this by providing age-appropriate guidelines to make your purchase easier.

A final word on shopping for the best kids’ desk

Investing in the best kids’ desk will ensure a designated space to encourage independent work and creative play. Your desk should fit the space, offer storage, be non-toxic, and be a comfortable size for your child.