First she declared it Hot Girl Summer, then Hot Nerd Fall. It’s only a matter of time before Megan Thee Stallion dubs it Hot ___ Winter, so why not get a jump start by staying toasty during these next new frigid months?

Turns off if it tilts over. Amazon

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Cold offices tailored to men in suits aren’t just uncomfortable—they can actually make for a more unproductive work environment. This ceramic space heater will keep the temperature bearable and let you choose between two different heat settings (low and high). It will also automatically turn off if it starts to tip over, so you don’t accidentally burn your office down.

Warm and comfortable. Amazon

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Mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves, but gloves let you use your fingers. Why decide between one or the other when ViGrace’s convertible pair lets you have both? Knitted wool ensures your fingers don’t freeze and will stretch to fit most hands.

You can fit another sweater underneath if needed. Amazon

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Chunky sweaters and turtlenecks both keep you warm; it just makes sense to put them together. This one from ZKESS has long sleeves and run slightly larger than true to size, allowing for a beloved Pinterest sweater look.

Easy to slip on. Amazon Books Editor

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PopSci editor Jess Boddy swears by her mini UGG boots. They’re fully lined with lamb fur to keep your feet from freezing, and they’re stylish to boot. (Get it?) This footwear comes in a variety of colors, lest you feel blue about navy.

Wrap yourself up. Amazon

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Boddy has another recommendation for you: the warmest blanket she’s ever used. (Disclaimer: Her partner works with the company.) The Faherty Sherpa Blanket is cotton on one side and fleece on the other and is large enough for multiple people to sit on or under. Plus, it’s machine washable.