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Golf is one of those sports that can scare you off faster than it takes you to pick up your first club. Attempting to shoot a ball inside a tiny hole from yards away isn’t a joke, and it takes thousands of hours of practice and dedication to improving your swing game. Anyone who wishes to be a pro must be patient in mastering the sport, and contrary to popular opinion, practice doesn’t always have to occur on a golf course.

You don’t have to cough up money for an instructor, either. Nor do you have to be a golf club member (although that’d be a nice investment). To get your swing down to a tee, literally, The TruGolf Mini can help you beef up your skills in the comfort of your own home. For a limited time, it’s on sale for 25 percent off.

The TruGolf Mini is designed to offer a new approach to learning and mastering the game of golf. It comes with a swing trainer and cutting-edge sensor, allowing you to practice at home, the office, or just about anywhere you wish to practice.

When paired with the E6 connect software, the simulator’s interactive swing studio analyzes and displays all the critical swing data every time you make a shot, which then allows you to understand how you play and assess your skills easily. The software offers complete analytics, full course play, and so much more. It gathers meaningful data in real-time, so you learn more about swings and shots each time you practice.

To make your sessions feel more realistic, the weighted swing trainer creates a “click,” resulting in an authentic impact sensation. It also captures the four critical swing characteristics by checking the club face angle, angle of attack, swing tempo, and club path. Plus, thanks to the 3D rendered version of world-famous golf courses, skill-building challenges, and mini-games, you can improve your game via a variety of simulated settings.

The TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator normally retails for $399, but you can get it on sale for $299 for a limited time.

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