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Over time, devices are getting smarter. Speakers can now respond to your questions, and lights can adapt to the weather. Within the next ten years, we can expect most home appliances to be connected to the cloud. If you want to get ahead of the curve and create your own smart devices, you need the Mastering Internet of Things Bundle. This learning library helps you understand the technology, with nine hands-on courses. You can get it now for $29.

You might think that building a smart light switch or GPS tracker from scratch would take specialist skills. But in reality, anyone can do it. This bundle shows you how, with 291 video tutorials.

The videos cover a range of tools and platforms, including Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Through nine beginner-friendly courses, you learn how to program smart appliances and automate everyday appliances. Each course includes plenty of fun projects to try, giving you hands-on experience.

Along the way, you get to build a health monitoring system, a wireless smart switch, a text-to-speech engine, and even a weather station.

Worth $1,800, the training is now only $29 with this bundle.

Prices subject to change.