Upgrade to Windows 11 Pro for $32.97 with this Labor Day sale

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Looking for better performance without having to buy a new computer? Install Windows 11 Pro, now only $32.97 for Labor Day.

With the high sticker price of new computers, you may be holding off on upgrading your trusty old PC. It can be tempting to make that purchase to see increased performance, but you might not have to swap out your entire computer to see those results.

Instead, try updating your operating system to Windows 11 Pro. Normally it would run you $199, but with our huge Labor Day sale you can upgrade for only $32.97! But don’t wait—this offer is only through Aug. 31.

Give your computer an internal makeover

Whether you still have your computer from college or picked up one of our refurbished PC deals, your device may still be running on Windows 10. Windows 11 Pro brings a whole new user experience with rounded app corners, a centered taskbar, an improved search experience, and new productivity tools like snap layouts and widgets.

Windows 11 Pro also has a focus on improving device performance. According to Intel itself, Windows 10 runs several background apps by default while Windows 11 prioritizes foreground apps. Even though this may feel like a small change, it could make a huge difference in your day-to-day productivity.

Unlock enhanced security protections

Upgrading to Windows 11 Pro also gets you additional security features. Just some notable ones are:

  • Windows Information Protection and Microsoft Information Protection separate personal and work data and protect your information from data leaks.
  • BitLocker device encryption makes all of the data on your hard drive unreadable without the correct password.
  • Windows Hello for Business allows you to set up multi-factor authentication.

We still haven’t mentioned the best part of this deal: this purchase gets you an activation key that works on up to three devices. Upgrade a few of your computers or share with friends and family.

For two days only, get Windows 11 Pro for just $32.97 (reg. $199) with this Labor Day sale, no coupon needed. This offer ends on Aug. 31 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific, so act fast.

Prices subject to change.