Upgrade your travel experience with these earbuds

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Being able to communicate is an integral necessity for all species to thrive. And while there is already speculation about how to communicate with other life, human beings are still somewhat limited in how much they can communicate with one another due to language differences. And while traveling internationally has become easier, being able to communicate upon arrival hasn’t seemed to catch up.

MyManu CLIK S Earbuds make traveling internationally and communicating with people abroad a legitimate possibility. For anyone seeking to be able to speak with the locals, the earbuds use a proprietary system designed to offer both text-to-speech and speech-to-text translations.

MyManu’s wireless CLIK S allows travelers to communicate with people in 37 languages across the globe with real-time speech-to-speech translation. You can translate 1-to-1 conversations or group conversations by speech or text, and a clipboard will show all of the translations. The phrasebook saves frequently used phrases to keep conversations moving along smoothly, while the dual-sided “CLIK” buttons allow you to listen to your favorite music in HD sound, answer calls, and reads texts whenever you want. Additionally, various-sized memory foam ear tips allow customizability for your own personal needs and comfort. 

Amongst reviewers, there is plenty of praise for the CLIK S and its many features. One verified purchaser found it to be the best translator they had used, saying, “Haven’t found a more accurate translation device and I have used many over the years!” Another reviewer found it to be an overall worthwhile purchase, stating, “Undoubtedly was the best purchase I made this month.” Finally, another reviewer was thrilled with the packaging, noting, “Product arrived very well packed, protected and sealed. Great quality!”

Right now you can purchase the language-translating earbuds for $157. That’s a 28 percent markdown from its original $220 pricetag.

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