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Atari came out with its first home video game console in 1977. At that time, the Atari 2600 sold for $189—which is the equivalent of about $962 in today’s world. Boasting sales exceeding 30 million units over a remarkable three-decade span, the Atari 2600 firmly secured its place as one of gaming history’s most beloved systems.

Fast forward to 2024, and while the actual console has long been a relic of the past, the love of the games has remained. Now you can relive all the fun, or experience it for the first time, thanks to the My Arcade Atari Game Station Pro. Priced at just $69.99, roughly one-third of its 1977 predecessor’s cost, this modern iteration invites gamers to rediscover the magic of Atari without breaking the bank.

Step into the world of pixelated adventures and simple joys. My Arcade Atari Game Station Pro captures the essence of retro gaming in a modern package. Explore a library of 200 built-in, officially licensed Atari and bonus titles, including favorites like Asteroids, Centipede, and the iconic PONG. Whether you’re playing alone, with friends, or introducing younger generations to classic games, you’ll bask in the joy of nostalgia and relive the fun of decades past.

With HDMI connectivity, the Game Station Pro integrates easily with your TV, bringing vintage gaming into your modern living room. Its wireless joysticks, inspired by the original Atari design, offer a familiar feel and enable multiplayer experiences with built-in paddles for games like Breakout and Warlords. And with the addition of dynamic RGB LED lights, you’re gaming experience will be taken to another level.

And when you need a break for whatever reason, but you don’t want to give up your high score to date, you can pause and resume gameplay right where you left off. More than just a gaming console, the My Arcade Atari Game Station Pro is a bridge between generations, uniting the simplicity of the past with the technology of today.

Note that while this console is marked as open box, meaning the unit may have some slight scuffs and scratches, all the original factory settings have been meticulously restored and the package includes all accessories.

Get My Arcade Atari Game Station Pro: Video Game Console with 200+ Games (Open Box) for $69.99 (reg. $99.99).

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