Stay cool anywhere with this 3-in-1 portable AC on sale for under $100

Stay comfortable even on-the-go.

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Don’t succumb to the summer’s unrelenting heat—score this 3-in-1 portable AC for under $100 and take control of your cooling and comfort.

In case you haven’t noticed from the sweat dripping down your chin and temples, it’s an unusually hot summer. Reports noted that over 150 Americans are under a heat advisory, creating what is called a “heat health emergency.” The sweltering weather won’t let up anytime soon, with the hottest parts of the country experiencing triple-digit temperatures for consecutive days. 

But instead of heading to a cooling center near you to find some relief, address your weather woes head-on and invest in your own cooling system. It doesn’t even have to be a hefty investment, with the Costway 3-in-1 Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner Cooler with Remote Control on sale for under $100 for a limited time.

If your home doesn’t have a window or central air conditioning system and you don’t want to splurge or install an AC unit, this movable air conditioner is the next best thing. It features a non-compressor system that cools naturally, efficiently, and inexpensively, sans the power-hungry components found in most air conditioning systems.

Under its hood is a honeycomb cooling pad developed to deliver a high level of cooling and comfort, while the dust filter cleanses the air and rids it of bacteria, dust, and other allergy-inducing particles. With an anion generator, it also functions as an air sterilizer, allowing you to breathe in purer air.

This portable AC also packs three fan modes and speeds, a swing feature, and a 7.5-hour timer, giving you the option to take full control of your comfort. A user-friendly LED light control panel is also built-in, but you can easily tweak the settings with the accompanying remote control with a range of up to almost 20 feet. And thanks to the four caster wheels, you can quickly move this AC from room to room as you please.

Stay cool on a budget this summer. Formerly retailing for $299, you can grab the Costway 3-in-1 portable AC on sale for only $95.99.

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