Secure your personal information with Incogni for only $77

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As our world continues to exist and grow under the influence of the internet, securing your personal data is now more vital than ever. Information security has always been important to help prevent identity theft, fraud, scams, and hackers, and 2023 is likely no different. The Federal Trade Commission receives identity theft case reports every 22 seconds. For some peace of mind, you can implement a few things to protect yourself.

One step you may take is using Icogni’s personal information removal. This automated subscription service constantly searches for data brokers hoarding your information and removes it. Sign up for your first year with the best price on the web, just $77 (reg. $155.76).

Put your data back in your own hands 

Sign up, add some personal information so Incogni knows what to search for, and let the app do the rest. You will also fill out an authorization form that allows Incogni to remove data on your behalf. Incogni searches for and removes your information from the hands of over 180 data brokers and continually seeks out more. It also does regular sweeps to double-check that those brokers aren’t adding your information again.

Some companies collect and sell your name, address, phone number, date of birth, IP address, bank account information, recent purchases, and more. Then it’s used by scammers or other companies trying to reach new consumers. This can result in more spam and telemarketing calls, data breaches, exposure to cybercriminals, and an increased risk of having your identity stolen.

Secure your digital life

While Incogni minimizes some security risks, there are extra steps you may take to be even more cautious. Be sure to secure your devices and accounts with strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, specific security questions, and more

Protect your personal information from data brokers, scams, and more with a 1-year subscription to Incogni Personal Information Removal Service for only $77 (reg. $155.76).

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