Bring your vintage slides into the digital age with this Kodak digitizer

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A person digitizing photos on a Kodak scanner.
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Learn more about the Kodak scanner that’s going viral on TikTok, now $169.97 on sale during Deal Days—our version of Prime Day. Hurry, this price drop only lasts until 21 July 11:59 p.m.

What is the Kodak Slide N Scan?

It’s a film and slide digitizer that allows you to convert physical photos into digital files. 

Which types of film and slides are compatible?

The Kodak Slide N Scan comes with a 50x50mm slide holder and adapters for 135, 110, and 126 film. It will work with both color and black and white images.

How does the Kodak Slide N Scan work?

  1. Power the scanner on and insert an SD card (not included).
  2. Select the correct photo adapter for the size image you have.
  3. Slide the image into the gadget until it’s centered on the LCD screen.
  4. (Optional) Using the integrated controls, you can enhance quality, adjust color, brightness, or rotate the image.
  5. Hit the capture button to save the image to the SD card.

Can I connect the scanner to my TV?

Yes! Use the included HDMI cable and put on a slideshow for the whole family as you shuffle through old memories and digitize them along the way.

Why digitize old photo formats?

Digitizing your old slides preserves family memories in a modern, easily shareable format. It also helps protect images from further degradation over time or damage, allowing you to create backups or share them with family and friends.

Plus, if you have a film camera for taking vintage-esque photos, you can essentially develop them at home with the Kodak Slide N Scan. No need to drop them off elsewhere.

How much is the Kodak Slide N Scan?

Normally, it’s $224.99. But, during Deal Days (our take on Prime Day), you can get one for $169.97 until July 21. No coupon is needed.

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