Indoors or out, this $129 Kapsule Wireless Speaker is your ultimate audio companion

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In a world where our devices reign supreme, there’s one area where they often fall short: blasting out tunes in high-quality stereo. Remember the last time you attempted to impress your friends with your playlist using your phone’s feeble speakers? The collective eye-rolling was practically audible.

Not anymore. Not since you’ve picked up this Kapsule 360° Wireless Speaker. In fact, it’s become of the life of the party. With 360° sound magic in every direction, there will be no corner of your room left untouched, no soul uninvited to the auditory party that’s about to break out.

What sets the Kapsule apart from the crowd? It’s all in the details—the four precision acoustic stereo drivers operate in perfect harmony. From the deep bass that rumbles beneath your feet to the delicate nuances that whisper sweet melodies in your ear, the Kapsule delivers an auditory experience that demands attention and ignites movement.

With Bluetooth 5.0 leading the charge, the Kapsule effortlessly bridges the gap between devices, extending invitations to phones, tablets, and any Bluetooth-enabled gadget within reach. And for those who crave simplicity, the NFC function offers a shortcut to audio nirvana—just a tap away, no passwords or PINs required.

But here’s where the real magic happens: enter the TWS function, beckoning you to pair two Kapsule speakers for a symphony of sound that transcends the ordinary. And just when you think the night is winding down, and the music is about to fade into the background, the Kapsule reveals its endurance, powered by a 12,000mAh lithium-ion battery that refuses to surrender. For up to 20 hours, it fuels the party, ensuring that the music never loses its vigor.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of a little auditory inspiration, remember this: the Kapsule awaits, a catalyst for joy and a harbinger of dance floor magic. Embrace the Kapsule experience—your gatherings will never be the same again.

Get the Kapsule 360° Wireless Speaker with Quick-Tap NFC Connection and Bluetooth 5.0 for $128.99 (reg. $199.00).

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