Save $20 on the Swiss Army knife of charging cables

It can charge your entire tech collection.

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From now until Oct. 15, you can get your hands on the InCharge X Max 6-in-1 charging cable for less than $20.

Find yourself throwing money at yet another brand-new charging cable now and then? News flash: wires are supposed to be durable and reliable, not disposable. Investing in a cable that’s extra sturdy can save you from having to repeatedly waste money on subpar chargers, and luckily, the investment doesn’t have to be big. The ever-versatile InCharge X Max cable is on sale, and you can get one for just $19.97 through October 15th only. You can also grab two for only $34.97, netting you an automatic stocking stuffer once the holidays roll around.

Aside from its impressive durability, the InCharge X Max boasts an extra long cable, clocking in at 5 feet or 1.5 meters in length, giving you the flexibility to move around while charging, without situating yourself near a power outlet. But its versatility is where it truly shines, featuring a 6-in-1 keyring cable that accommodates a wide range of devices. It offers various configurations, including USB-A to Lightning, USB-A to USB-C, USB-A to Micro-USB, USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to Lightning, and USB-C to Micro-USB. All you need to do is toggle with the opposite ends to change the plugs, and you’re good to connect any device to nearly any power source.

The InCharge X is also as speedy as they come, delivering ultra-fast charging for your gadgets. It can charge iPhones up to 18W, and USB-C to USB-C ultra-fast charging up to 100W, meaning you don’t have to wait around too long to top up your tech collection. Transfer speed also doesn’t fall short at 480MBps, and with the power transfer support, you can charge one device using another via the cable.

In terms of strength, the InCharge X is one of the toughest in the market. It’s developed using aramid fiber that offers thermal, chemical, and bending resistance, as well as TPU cable guards to increase bending strength. Nylon is also infused in the material to resist fraying from everyday wear and tear.

With this cable dubbed as the Swiss Army knife of wires, it may just be the last cable you’ll own. From now through Oct. 15, you can get one InCharge X Max 100W 6-in-1 Charging Cable for $19.97 (reg. $39) or two for $34.97 (regularly $78).

Prices subject to change.