Read bestsellers in 15 minutes or less with a discounted subscription to this app

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When was the last time you cracked open a book? Or perhaps finished a title on Kindle or iBooks? Unless you’re a fervent member of the BookTok community, you probably don’t read as much as you want to. And more often than not, it’s not because of a lack of trying, but because of the lack of an important resource: time.

The truth is we could all use a nudge to make an effort in self-improvement, and luckily, Headway has found a way to make that happen without requiring too much of your time. The app offers bite-sized, personalized learning to help you move close to your goals. Now’s your last chance to get it at 80 percent off, or if you’re last-minute shopping, it can be a thoughtful and hassle-free gift (read also: no shipping) to give to a friend or two.

Headway is developed to summarize nonfiction bestsellers into reads you can consume in 15 minutes or less. Unlike other book-summarizing apps that narrate lessons in monotone voices, audio summaries on Headway are voiced by professional actors. 

With a Headway membership, you can take advantage of bite-sized summaries of non-fiction bestsellers, which are designed to be consumed in just 15 minutes each. These summaries are voiced by professional voice actors too. 

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on the App Store and 4.4 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store, this app also provides a collection of reads aligned with your specific goals. It has a treasure trove of actionable insights and tips—insightful lessons from the greatest thinkers packed into various bite-sized formats.

Whether you want to build a business, improve your health, or succeed at work, Headway has got you covered. It even makes learning fun by transforming your experience into a game. The platform lets you track your progress and collect achievements as you go, making learning more exciting.

Make steps toward self-improvement, one micro book at a time with Headway. A lifetime subscription normally goes for $299, but from now until December 8, you can get it at its best web pricing yet: only $59.

Prices subject to change.