Save over $180 on this stacked, dual-screen monitor and upgrade your workspace

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Geminos is a dual-screen desktop monitor that folds in half and streamlines your workspace, on sale at its best-on-web price of $619.97 through Nov. 19 only with the code GEMINOS.

Foldable tech is having its moment (again), but it’s mainly making strides in the realm of smartphones. That is until Mobile Pixels came out with Geminos, a dual-screen desktop monitor that folds in half, effectively redefining what it means to extend your work setup. Instead of setting up multiple displays side-by-side and creating a clunky workspace, Geminos streamlines the entire thing by providing you with two monitors stacked on top of one another.

This dual-screen clamshell-type display has been recognized by CES as an innovation award honoree. While it’s technically two 24-inch monitors linked together that open and close like you would a laptop, it doesn’t demand much workspace real estate without compromising ergonomics and your ability to view and browse content. It might just be what you need to solve your productivity woes, and through Nov. 19, you can get it at its best-on-web price of $619.97 with the code GEMINOS.

Ideal for both standing or sitting desks, Geminos is pretty simple to use. All you need to do is adjust the two 24-inch displays depending on your height, working position, and level of comfort, offering an efficient workspace solution. It allows for a healthy, ergonomic alignment throughout your entire work day, too.

Aside from simply displaying content, this dual-screen monitor also comes with all sorts of bells and whistles, including a full HD webcam and mic for video calls, powerful speakers for blasting music, and a USB hub with 100W USB-C for easy pass-through charging for your laptop. It can reach 100 percent in just one to two hours of continuous charging.

Should you need to modify your viewing experience at any time, Geminos offers infinite adjustability. You can easily customize your setup by sliding the top monitor up and down or pivoting the bottom monitor in and out, creating a bent visual arrangement.

Maximize your productivity with Geminos Stacked Dual 24″ Screen Monitor, on sale for $619.97 instead of the usual $799 through Nov. 19 with the code GEMINOS.

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