Clean your ears safely with this visual cleaner with a built-in mini camera

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The human body is magical. It has several body parts capable of cleaning themselves, like your eyes that produce tears to self-lubricate and cleanse, or your gut that detoxifies through your liver, kidneys, and colon. So, yes, you can stop thinking about that 3-day detox cleanse your favorite YouTuber told you about.

Apparently, the ear is self-cleaning, too. Earwax has gotten a bad rap for being icky, when in actuality, its primary function is to keep your ears clean by trapping dust and debris. Experts advise against sticking things in your ears since new wax pushes out old wax anyway, but sometimes, there’s too much buildup that you can’t help but take matters into your own hands. 

If you insist on cleaning your ears yourself, don’t just poke around at random. The Smart Visual Ear Cleaner comes with a 360-degree wide-angle and 1080P Full HD resolution camera that streams a full and clear view of your ear canal straight to your phone. And for a limited time, you can get it on sale for 14 percent off.

This earwax cleaner gives you a complete picture of the inside of your ear. This way, you will avoid accidentally giving yourself an ear infection by scraping and prodding blindly. It comes with silicone ear spoons that allow for a more comfortable wax-removing experience and a built-in 360 mAh battery that supports up to 1.5 hours of continuous cleaning, which totals up to 45 days of daily use. It also has a waterproof grade lens with an IP7 rating, so it’s easy to clean with water or wipe with alcohol. 

While this device is marketed as an ear cleaner, it’s versatile enough to also function as a tool for checking teeth, nasal cavity, throat, scalp roots, and other body parts that need close inspection. 

Ditch the Q-tip and clean your ears safely with this Smart Visual Ear Cleaner. It usually goes for $34, but you can grab it on sale for only $29.95.

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