Get good at chess with the help of a grandmaster for only $49

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Chess is a notoriously tricky board game to learn for a game that only requires you to move around a handful of tiny pieces within a square board. While familiarizing yourself with the basics is relatively easy, actually playing it can be challenging. Each piece has unique movements, resulting in countless permutations that even scientists don’t bother finding out the exact number of chess games there could possibly be. No wonder The Queen’s Gambit’s Beth Harmon almost lost her mind.

This isn’t to dissuade you from learning the game, of course. If you want to get good at playing chess, you have to find your own Mr. Shaibel. That could be Grandmaster Damian Lemos, who has put together the Chess Masterclass Bundle to help you become a chess champ. For a limited time, it’s on sale for 75 percent off.

This jam-packed training bundle packs 56 hours of instructional content to teach you all about chess strategy, chess tactics, chess endgames, and basically everything you need to win every tournament you join. It features six separate courses, each of which has eight to ten hours of valuable instruction. It starts with Damian Lemos’ Attacking Masterclass, which unpacks the secrets of attacking play and dissects various attacking masterpieces to reveal the most effective methods of attacking the king. It then proceeds with tackling specific aspects of the game, like the middlegame and endgame, as well as tips on obtaining a superior position in every game. 

By the end of the training, you’ll have the skills to properly plan a board and create well-constructed, winning positions. It may seem tricky to learn chess online, but you’re dealing with a grandmaster here. Lemos just so happens to have clinched the FIDE Master title at 14 years old, International Master at 15, and Grandmaster at 18.

Usually retailing for $199, you can grab the Chess Masterclass Bundle on sale for only $49.

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