Protect & transfer computer files with this low-priced premium cloud subscription

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Many of us are more reliant on our computers than ever before, using these devices to attend class, handle job responsibilities, sort through finances, and stay engaged with friends and family. Along the way, secure file storage can become an issue, resulting in frustrations and potentially putting important items at risk.

Give your memory disk a break by picking up a lifetime subscription to TransferCloud Premium Lite for only $79 (reg. $1,000). This limited-time offer does not require a coupon, and it can be used to help your hard drive for years to come.

Use this transfer platform to download torrents and files to your preferred personal cloud, such as Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive. It’s a simple process in which users copy a torrent or web link and paste it within TransferCloud for a swift and secure download, which then allows for file movement.

This unlimited browser-based subscription lets you download multiple items at the same time, with two concurrent processes able to operate and five additional queue slots available.

TransferCloud carries a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from MacUpdate, including a five-star review from verified buyer Khan Pigur, who wrote, “Good service, very intuitive. Nice cloud options with good transfer speeds. Download speeds are excellent.”

This subscription serves as an ideal backup plan for storage and allows you to download files without being restricted by computer limitations. TransferCloud can be accessed via desktop or mobile, making it easy to review storage space and items as needed.

This is an excellent method for obtaining and saving movies and shows, allowing them to be viewed when the time comes without occupying a ton of space on your computer.

Upgrade your ability to download and access files, regardless of disk memory, by taking advantage of this offer on TransferCloud for only $79 (reg. $1,000).

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