Master up to 14 languages at home with this discounted Babbel subscription

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Did you miss out on your chance to become bilingual in high school, or even better, a polyglot? There’s no better time to pick up a new language than now. The internet is practically overflowing with resources to help you gain fluency in any language you choose. It’s not about how to learn anymore; it’s all about picking your poison, or in this case, your language learning tool. And if you thrive in variety and want engaging lessons, consider Babbel your new go-to app.

Developed by hundreds of expert linguists and trusted by over 10 million users worldwide, Babbel is a top-rated app that can help you speak and understand new languages quickly and with confidence. For a limited time, you can grab a subscription on sale for $139.97 (reg. $599) through April 2 only.

Babbel offers an expansive learning platform, allowing users to explore up to 14 different languages through more than 10,000 hours of online instruction. The lessons are divided into 10 to 15-minute chunks, making them easy to squeeze into your schedule. You can take one lesson a day or set aside an hour or two to knock out a couple of lessons in one sitting. You’re free to set your own learning pace and grasp as little or as much as you want.

While vocabulary and grammar are extensively covered, the courses have a special focus on topics that are valuable on the road, including asking for directions, ordering food, haggling prices, and more. Speech recognition technology is also integrated into the app to help you improve your pronunciation and converse with locals better. 

Have a hard time retaining lessons? Babbel also offers personalized review sessions that help reinforce what you learn and help them stick. And in case you want to learn offline, you can download the courses on your device for later viewing (and reviewing). 

Regardless of your learning level, you can get to grips with as many as 14 languages with Babbel, including French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Russian.

A lifetime subscription to Babbel Language Learning normally goes for $599, but you can grab it on sale for $139.97 —the lowest price ever—through April 2 only. 

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