Grab a lifetime subscription to the #1 bestselling language-learning app for almost $500 off

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Learn a new language through 15-minute bite-sized lessons with this Babbel lifetime subscription, which is on sale for $149.97 through Nov. 26.

Picking up a new language is never a bad idea, especially if you’re keen on exploring new places or looking to beef up your resume. However many tend to shy away from doing so, thinking that language learning is labor intensive. After all, squeezing an entire lexicon into your knowledge bank doesn’t seem all that easy. But there’s an app that makes short work of helping you gain fluency in your language of choice: Babbel. Right now through Nov. 26, you can grab a lifetime subscription for just $ 139.97 (reg. $599).

Touted as the #1 selling language-learning app and trusted by millions of users across the globe, Babbel offers a unique and beginner-friendly approach to learning a foreign language. Rather than having you watch video lessons that will only make you snooze, Babbel delivers 10 to 15-minute sessions that you can conveniently squeeze into your demanding schedule. It doesn’t force you to memorize complex vocabulary and grammar but instead focuses on boosting your conversational skills by teaching you your preferred language in context. It also covers topics you’ll actually find valuable in the real world and incorporates time-tested learning strategies proven by educators from esteemed institutions like Yale University, City University of New York, and Michigan State University.

With the help of 100 expert linguists, lessons are made available for every skill level, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Speech recognition technology is built in to finetune your pronunciation, and personalized review sessions are at your disposal to help you remember previous material and make quicker progress. You can study at your own pace, on your own time, using any device. You can also access the courses even without an internet connection so long as you download them.

Whether you want to master French, Spanish, German, Dutch, or ten more languages, Babbel can help. Normally $599, you can grab this Babbel Language Learning lifetime subscription on sale for $139.97 through Nov. 26,

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