10 Incredible Images Of The Tiny World Around Us

These are the winners of Nikon's 'Small World' competition
First Place: Bee Eye

Winner Ralph Claus Grimm is a high school science teacher and beekeeper in Australia. He took this image of a honeybee's eye flecked with yellow pollen. Honeybees are currently in crisis and countries around the world are coming up with inventive solutions to help save the bees. Ralph Claus Grimm

There are plenty of large, incredible things in this world, from canyons to oceans and huge fossils left behind by dinosaurs. But most of the things that make up our wide world are small–tiny even. Often, these things escape notice because they are simply to small for the human eye to see. Which is where Nikon’s annual Small World competition comes in. Every year a panel of judges selects the most stunning images of very small things. Often, the people who capture these images are scientists, who come across these stunning images in the course of their daily work. Nikon received over 2,000 submissions from 83 countries for this year’s competition.

Second Place: Mouse Colon
Third Place: Bladderwort
Fourth Place: Mammary Gland
Fifth Place: Brian Tumor
Sixth Place: Moss
Seventh Place: Starfish
Eighth Place: Mouse Ear
Ninth Place: Flower Buds
Tenth Place: Clam Shrimp