Video: Tiny AMOLED Screens In Passports Make Your Head Spin

Samsung has come up with the flashiest anti-counterfeiting tech we’ve seen yet: forget boring old RFID chips–the AMOLED e-passport concept looks has a 2-inch, paper-thin, QVGA-resolution flexible display embedded in the photo slot, which shows a rotating 360° view of your head when held up to an RFID reader.

The screen requires so little energy that it can be powered up by the wireless signals from the RFID reader–no need for batteries. The screen itself can display 260k colors and has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. For airports that might not have an RFID scanner, an old-timey static picture is still included.

If implemented, these updates will ensure passports and other documents become much harder to counterfeit. However, I can see this concept expanded to other things, like driver’s licenses: I just can’t wait to take that 360° picture, which would surely make the wait at the DMV completely worthwhile.

Check the video below to see an AMOLED-display-equipped passport in action: