Also in today’s links: a cable from earth to space, parties at Stonehenge and more.

  • A genetic database is helping bust cattle rustlers in Argentina, although I suppose the introduction of cloned cattle could throw that plan for a loop.
  • There are certain scientific ideas, like entropy and some physics formulas, that give me the heeby-jeebies because they remind me of the fever dreams I’d have when I was little, which were always about math. I also get the same feeling from the Roald Dahl book Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, and plans for a space elevator. Now, an engineer has come up with a real-life plan for how to get a 100,000-km tether up into space.
  • For info on some of the other things that might be heading up into space in the future, this interactive graphic explains the spacecraft of the future.
  • In the same way that naps can improve human performance, a little bit of torpor goes a long way for little marsupials.
  • Was Stonehenge built for raves? Maybe, maybe not, but the acoustics would have been great for one, according to a British researcher.