Unusual Creatures in Foreign Lands

Plus, guess where solar is headed next

Also, useful rats, accommodating corpses, and more, all in today’s links.

  • How to set up a solar energy project where none of the residents will cry out “Not in my backyard”? Build it in a cemetery. (What the residents’ kids will say is a different story.)
  • Researchers have found that prints left by dinosaurs on the Isle of Skye in Scotland are virtually indistinguishable from prints found in Wyoming. We are really hoping that researchers will next find signs of those little fairies that supposedly roam around Skye in Wyoming, too.
  • Scientists foresee a shift from computers that can calculate to computers that can cogitate, or at least more closely mimic the processes and circuitry of a human brain.
  • Just like your mom hollering “Yoo hoo!”, anoles have a way of getting their comrades’ attention — only they do so silently.
  • Rats: They’re not just for running around on subway tracks and spreading disease anymore. A species known for their “sunny disposition” is being trained to sniff out explosives, while others are being used to detect tuberculosis bacteria.