Gallery: New York After The Hurricane

Broken Tree 1
Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn: This tree was the most impressive sign of damage in the park. Took quite awhile to wait for people to stop posing with it so I could get a picture.Dan Nosowitz
Tree on Car
Fort Greene, Brooklyn: Surprisingly little damage caused to the two cars on which this (very large) tree fell. The minivan in front has a dented roof but otherwise, no big deal.Dan Nosowitz
Tree Up Close
Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn: Closeup of a freshly broken tree.Dan Nosowitz
All Falls Down
Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn: This tall but spindly tree in Fort Greene Park was knocked over by the hurricane.Dan Nosowitz
Poop Fruit
Fort Greene, Brooklyn: There are lots of ginkgo biloba trees in this part of Brooklyn, and they're fruiting heavily this time of year. Ginkgo fruit smells mostly like dog poo, with a dash of vomit and maybe a few other bodily fluids. The hurricane knocked down tons of branches weighted heavy with fruit, so my neighborhood mostly smells like ginkgo.Dan Nosowitz
Torn Out of the Ground
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn: The force of the storm yanked this huge tree--and its surrounding fence--right out of the ground.Corinne Iozzio
Drinking Proceeds As Normal
Most businesses in Chelsea are closed, but the Old Homestead, running on generator power, continues to serve beer.Paul Adams
House Without A Face
A crowd mills in front of this building on Eighth Avenue that lost its facade to winds.Paul Adams
Tree Down
Another casualty of the storm.Paul Adams
Planters Overturned
In front of the Apple Store on 14th Street, the winds have had their way.Paul Adams
Doggy Bags
This pet shop used bags of dog food cat litter to sandbag against flooding. Resourceful!Paul Adams
Fence Enters Window
Morningside Heights, Manhattan: A roof fence went through a window on the Morningside Gardens buildings at Broadway and West 123rd.Katie Peek
Blocked Subways
Queens seemed mostly spared of hurricane damage. These construction barricades blocked New York's non-functioning MTA subway system.Dave Mosher
Crumbled Building Front
The facade of this ramshackle building in Queens, located just east of the 59th Street Bridge entrance, toppled onto a car below and crushed it.Dave Mosher
Downed Trees In Manhattan
The New York Fire Department works to trim trees blocking roads in Midtown Manhattan. Some cars were crushed by fallen limbs and uprooted trunks.Dave Mosher
Busted Construction Crane
Hurricane-force winds bent over backward a construction crane atop a luxury condo high-rise. Police cordoned off dozens of blocks around the site, near 57th Street and 7th Avenue, in case it fell.
Bent Signs
Hurricane Sandy bent street signs underneath FDR Drive in eastern Manhattan.Dave Mosher
Log-Jammed Cars
Sandy's storm surge piled up cars along lower Manhattan streets. Car owners in this photo are trying to sop up their cars' soaked interiors.Dave Mosher
Flooded VW Bug
This car with smashed windows near Avenue C in Manhattan was one of hundreds tossed around and flooded by an unprecedented storm surge.Dave Mosher
Trashed Interior
Brackish water from Sandy's storm surge piled sticks, foam, a cassette tape, and other trash into this car washed under FDR Drive in lower Manhattan.Dave Mosher
FDR Shutdown
Police shut down FDR Drive, which snakes along the eastern edge of Manhattan, but allowed bicyclists, dogwalkers, and nosy photographers to stroll the highway.Dave Mosher
Dangerous Drive
Another view of FDR Drive shows standing water and debris on the major New York City highway.Dave Mosher
Missing: Coke Machine
A passerby sits on a Coca-Cola machine that floated down FDR Drive when hurricane Sandy flooded the highway on Monday evening.Dave Mosher
Dirtied Waters
Hurricane Sandy surged the East River onto lower Manhattan, pushing untold debris into the water.Dave Mosher
High Waters
Wet bricks show the height of hurricane Sandy's storm surge at a Con Edison power service station.Dave Mosher
No Power
Hurricane Sandy flooded a major power service station along Avenue C, leaving thousands of New Yorkers without electricity. A nearby police officer said critical electronics here are submerged in several feet of water.Dave Mosher
Debris Deposit
A pile of storm surge debris sits in front of The Water Club, a restaurant on the East River in Manhattan.Dave Mosher
Out Of Gas
Sandy's storm surge on the East River plowed over and ripped apart gasoline pumps at this BP station in lower Manhattan.Dave Mosher
Shattered Bus Stop
Hurricane Sandy ripped apart a bus stop in front of the United Nations, sprinkling broken glass and metal on the sidewalk.Dave Mosher
Blocked Bus Stop
Another precarious bus stop, this one blocked by a downed tree.Dave Mosher
Wily Traffic Light
Construction workers cup a traffic light that's dangerously close to snapping off.Dave Mosher
Sawing From Above
Workers with chainsaws worked tirelessly to break apart broken tree limbs.Dave Mosher
Hurricane Sandy's storm surge lofted this portable toilet into the middle of an intersection in lower Manhattan.Dave Mosher
Flooded Basement
As soon as Sandy's storm surge receded, workers began pumping out flooded apartment basements in lower Manhattan.Dave Mosher
Toppled Tree
Fallen trees remained on cars well into the day after hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast. This one, just west of the United Nations, attracted tourist photo-ops.Dave Mosher