How would you feel if a robot made this?. Wikimedia

Burn yourself on your favorite hot refreshments no longer! University of Texas at Austin researchers have developed an oral strip that immediately numbs the pain from that venti pumpkin spice latté you couldn’t wait to try and which scalded you for your impatience. Before this breakthrough, the only way to avoid burning your face on delicious food was to wait for it to cool down. And what year is this, again?

Users can apply the strips directly to the burn for a dose of benzocaine and therapeutic polymers. It essentially acts the same as a breath strip, sticking to your mouth and dissolving in your saliva. The research will be presented at the 2012 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition. The researchers, who are now based at the University of New Mexico, are currently working on a strip to treat more severe burns that last two to three days. How do we sign up to test the product? Maybe there will be free pizza.

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists