The Most Amazing Science Images of the Week, May 21-25, 2012

Just like a great dish, this week's Images of the Week roundup includes a delicate balance of all things we love: amazing space pics, adorable animals, beautiful design concepts, and a dude free-falling into a giant pile of boxes. Enjoy!

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Cheetah Cubs

Delivered by a rare Ceasarian section, these two cheetah cubs managed to survive and are being raised at the Smithsonian's National Zoo, where they are currently melting hearts. Read more here.Smithsonian's National Zoo

Levitating Bed

Found via Reddit, this DIY bed "levitates" with the help of some magnets.via Reddit

SpaceX Dragon Docks

SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft finally docked with the ISS this morning--the very first private spacecraft to ever do so.NASA: 2Explore

Facebook vs. Instagram

Facebook, oddly, released a photo app this week. The app isn't odd, particularly; it's nicely designed, easy to use, quite pretty (especially for the oft-design-challenged Facebook). What's odd is that Facebook recently spent a billion dollars on Instagram--which is basically the same thing, right down to the filters. Buzzfeed FWD found some...interesting similarities between the filters of the two apps.via Buzzfeed FWD


Stuntman Gary Connery makes the highest non-protected--like, without a parachute--skydive ever, crashing 2,400 feet into a pile of boxes. Read more here.Getty Images

The London Array

The London Array is the world's largest wind farm, located offshore. It's expected to be completed sometime later this year.Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Europa's Water

Here's what Earth (right) and Jupiter's moon Europa (left) would look like if all the water was removed and shaped into a lovely blue sphere. Europa's ocean is two to three times larger than our own. Read more here.Kevin Hand (JPL/Caltech), Jack Cook (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), Howard Perlman (USGS)

The Green Wheel

This hydroponic wheel was actually, according to FastCoDesign, thought up by NASA back in the 1980s as a way to grow plants in space. It was never actually made, for some reason, but designer Libero Rutilo brought it back in this mockup. Seems like it's work well in apartments as well!Libero Rutilo

Pet Shark?!

National Geographic reader James Morgan sent in this shot of Enal, a young Indonesian boy, grabbing onto the tail of his "pet shark," specifically a tawny nurse shark. Read more here.James Morgan

Mars Rover, Photographer

Who knew the Mars Rover Opportunity was such an accomplished photog? Here it snaps a shot at the edge of the huge Endeavour Crater on Mars. Read more here.NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/Arizona State Univ.