The Most Amazing Images of the Week, November 28-December 2, 2011

We’ve got a great lineup of amazing science and tech images this week, from high-speed shots of water splashes that … Continued

We’ve got a great lineup of amazing science and tech images this week, from high-speed shots of water splashes that look like hats to a Japanese pigeon-dating video game to a car designed to look and function like a smartphone. Up top there is Bruce Munro’s Field of Lights, an art installation composed of 5,000 lit-up bulbs in the ground.

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A Walkable Rollercoaster

A permanent art installation on the Rhine in Germany, Tiger and Turtle-Magic Mountain is a roller coaster with no coaster (or roller? The name roller coaster is just now starting to seem confusing.). Instead, art lovers/roller coaster enthusiasts are encouraged to walk along the path of narrow steps.

Flavor Links

Yong-Yeol Ahn, of Harvard University Indiana University, created this flavor network that works on the principle that ingredients with similar flavors pair best (examples would be bacon and cheese, or even the more experimental white chocolate and caviar). It’s an attempt to figure out what tastes good together and why. Read more at Technology Review.

Fire-and-Forget Missiles

The Low-Cost Imaging Terminal Seeker (LCITS), a US Navy missile system, was successfully tested this week, managing to hit two fast-moving nautical targets (also known as boats). It uses an infrared system and can be retrofitted onto older missiles, unlike expensive laser systems. Read more here.

Beach Space Sky

Not much to say about this shot of the Milky Way taken from the Cook Islands. Just sit back and gaze, and think about sitting on a beach. Or being in space. Your choice!

Smartphone Car

The Toyota Fun-Vii, unveiled in Tokyo this week, is one of the most insane, futuristic car concepts we’ve seen in awhile. It has a giant interactive screen for its sides, so both the interior and exterior can be changed at the push of a button. Check out some video of the car here.

Field of Lights

At the Holburne Museum in the UK, artist Bruce Munro installed 5,000 glass spheres lit by fiber optics hooked up to a projector. It’s designed to mimic a desert bursting into bloom. [via Colors and Shapes]

Tankboat. Boat-Tank.

Sometimes you don’t want an amphibious vehicle to look too much like a car. How are people going to know that you’re driving a boat on land if it doesn’t look like a speedboat? So we applaud the Iguana 29, a speedboat equipped with tank treads. Read more here.

Pigeon Love

I can’t even. This is a Japanese video game, available for free, that focuses on a school for pigeons, which is already confusing, but then you play a human who falls in love with a pigeon? Read more about it here.


This lamp uses bioluminescent bacteria to light up a room, a component of the weirdly compelling Microbial Home concept. It’s not super light–reading by it would be difficult and eye-straining–but certainly beautiful in an unearthly or subterranean way. Read more about it here.


When the facial-recognition-bot Qbo is presented with the first image of himself in a mirror, how does he react? Better than I would, I think. Read more here.

Hat of Water

Photographer Heinz Maier has a compilation of photographs of water splashes that look like hats. Sometimes only slightly like hats. But always amazing. See the full gallery over at Environmental Graffiti.