How To Understand What Your Teenage Space Agency Is Saying

13 mission acronyms NASA should use after OMG (Oceans Melting Greenland)

OMG NASA, SRSLY? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (aka, NASA) has fittingly named their latest mission OMG, or Oceans Melting Greenland. It’s a funny name for a very serious project mapping the seafloor around the 27,000 miles of Greenland’s coastline. The researchers hope to document ice loss and predict future sea level rise with the data from a repurposed fishing boat and airplane flyovers. OMG, indeed.

Here are our suggestions for NASA’s next social-media savvy missions. No, they don’t all make sense. But sometimes, we can all have a little fun with science.

  • SRSLY: Survey of Remote Space: Light Years
  • FWIW: Fall and Winter Ice Wrinkling
  • WTF: Wetland Tracking for the Future
  • LOL: Lunar Orbiting Laser
  • TTYL: Titan Tectonic Yield Lander
  • Mars ROFL: Rover and Orbiting Fusion Laboratory
  • NSFW: Nebula Strategic Field Worker
  • BRB: Biomass Radiation Box
  • IMHO: Interstellar Mesoscale Heliosphere Observatory
  • TMI: Terrestrial Meteorological Instrument
  • AFAIK: Atmospheric Formation And Imaging in Kuiper belt
  • IDK: Isotope Detection K-band
  • IRL: Impact Research Laboratory