Obama Announces $40 Million Climate-Related Aid For Island Nations

Building resiliency
President Obama addresses the House Democratic Caucus

A photo from June 2015 shows President Obama addressing the House Democratic Caucus on a trade pact. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza/Flickr

President Obama has announced $40 million in aid for island nations in the most danger from rising sea levels due to climate change.

The program and funding are intended to, among other things, “promote resilience, enhance access to climate finance, and improve national capacity to manage and monitor adaptation programs.”

The announcement, which came just before the long weekend, came on the heels of his appearance and speech at the Pacific Island Conference of Leaders and the World Conservation Congress in Hawaii last week.

Rising sea levels and erosion are a large focus of the administration’s ecological programs in Obama’s final months. Island nations aren’t the only ones likely to suffer as ocean levels rise.

[via Huffington Post]