Copying lines from one sheet to another by backlighting your original image doesn’t have to be a pain. LED light boxes are awesome devices that replace bulky fluorescent light boxes with the portability of a tablet. Save time and increase accuracy when you’re sketching a quick outline from a photo, working with a new sewing pattern, or designing a new tattoo. Here are some great options you’ll want to have close at hand the next time inspiration strikes.

Budget pick: tiktecklab A4 Size Ultra-Thin Portable Tracer White LED Artcraft Tracing Pad Light Box

Speed Up Your Artwork

It’s powered by a USB cable, so if you prefer an AC power source you’ll need to buy an adapter. Amazon

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If you stacked three quarters on top of each other your pile would still be about .5 mm thicker than this 4.7-mm thick light box, which slips easily into a bag or portfolio. The dimmer on this model is stepless, meaning you’re not confined to preset light levels. You can gently touch it to get the perfect amount of brightness. The A4 size is equivalent to 8.27 × 11.69 inches, and a metric ruler borders the length and width of your workspace for a handy reference tool.

Most portable: Huion LB4 Light Box Wireless Battery Powered

Freedom To Work Anywhere

It comes with a USB cable, a power adapter, and a clip to keep your paper in place. Amazon

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You can get more than three hours of light from a fully charged battery on this light box, making it an excellent choice for tracing in places without accessible outlets. The illuminated work surface on this model is slightly larger than A4 paper at 12.6 × 9 inches. When you customize the brightness level with the stepless dimmer, this device will even remember your choice for next time.

Huge drawing space: US ART SUPPLY Lightmaster Extra Large Lightbox

Won’t Box You In

A choice to expand your drawing. Amazon

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This box gives you plenty of room to unleash your talents with 17 × 24 inches of backlighting—and it’s still only 9.5 mm thick. The large size and the fact that it’s powered by a 110 volt AC adapter does make it a little less portable than other models, so it’s best for people who can really use the extra workspace. A circle template (that can be used as a protractor) and an overlay measuring grid are included to help keep your work precise.