Whether you’re an undercover agent who needs to send secure clandestine messages, or you just want some privacy in a digital age, the self-destructing message is a way to protect against unwanted eyes eventually reading your communications.

The Kaboom Keyboard, released today on iOS, is a way to send encrypted, self-destructing messages in any app. This means you can add another level of security to an already-encrypted chat app like Signal, or send a photo, text, or video via any other messenger and give it an expiration time.

Type your message or select your photo normally in any messaging app. Then select the Kaboom Keyboard, choose the amount of time that the message should exist, and hit the Kaboom It button. Kaboom gives you a unique URL to send instead of the plain-text message. Once the time is up, the page is deleted.

Nothing stays on the servers, according to Kaboom, and nothing can be read by anyone on their staff. Of course, anybody who you send the message to could take a screenshot of what you send, and keep it forever.

The original Kaboom app, made by AnchorFree and launched in 2015, was originally pitched to send self-destructing messages and photos.

The Kaboom keyboard serves as a way to send these messages within any other application. Since keyboards have the special ability to be displayed in every app where you can input text, this setup lets the functionality of Kaboom exist almost anywhere on your phone.