Wiffle ball cannon
The outdoor game of Wiffle ball is a classic, and for good reason. But it could use a little update. Why not turn the competition up a notch? This Wiffle-ball cannon harnesses a leaf blower's power to hurl light plastic projectiles (or water balloons) at up to 50 miles an hour. Photograph by Brian Klutch

Chances are, your leaf blower is collecting dust in a garage right now–and it will until this fall. So rescue that yard-clearing device for a far nobler purpose: blasting lightweight projectiles at top speed.

Channeling the air from the leaf blower through a simple assembly of PVC pipes turns it into a Wiffle ball pitcher. It can also hurl foam balls and even water balloons and snowballs, although heavier projectiles should be avoided.

Watch the video here, or check out William Gurstelle‘s full-text instructions to build this project.